Reach captive audiences at street-level.

On Touch Go connects you to 54,000+ screens nationwide. Reach 25% of consumers that use rideshare each month.

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Rideshare Audience Insights

Ages 18-32
Income $60,000+
To or from social venues
Airport trips

Targeting Capabilities

Reach your desired target audiences street-level with hyperlocal targeted ads with contextualized messaging. Ads are triggered based on day, time, and location.

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Why Advertise with On Touch Go?

Brand Awareness

Reach your target audience in a captive setting. 30 seconds of dwell-time with an average 52% eye-fixation rate.

Mobile Activation

Use QR codes to increase conversions. 41% of consumers use search engines after being exposed to an ad.

Store Visitation

Reach audiences with geofenced street addresses. 26% of consumers visit a store after being exposed to an ad.

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